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Electrify Your Morning Routine

September 11, 2023 | Blog

It’s hard to believe it, Chicagoland, but another summer is practically over. We hope you enjoyed these past few months in the sun, but now that the school year is back in full swing, it’s unfortunately time to return to the real world.

When you have youngsters in the house that have to get up early for school, that unfortunately means YOU have to get up early as well. But thankfully there are several ways all of us at Arnold Electrical Services can help make mornings a little more convenient — which can add up to a big difference!

Charged Up For The Day

Statistics show that more than 80% of Americans use their cell phone as their alarm clock. But how many times have you accidentally left your phone unplugged, only to miss your wake up time entirely thanks to a dead battery?

Getting a wireless charging station can ensure keeping your phone juiced up and ready to start the day is as simple as placing it on a flat surface. You can even consider placing your charging station in another room while you sleep, which removes a distraction when you’re in bed and forces you to physically get out of bed to turn off your alarm.

Make The Switch To Smart Switches

If you want to keep your phone by your side all night, installing some smart lights could give you even more control over your routine. With some simple hardware and an app or two, all of the lights in your bedroom — and your entire home — can be controlled through your phone.

Whether you want to turn off lights from the comfort of your bed or turn on a light in the kitchen before you get downstairs, Arnold Electrical Services can visit your home to recommend the best solutions for all your family’s needs.

Timing Is Everything

How many times have you fallen asleep on the couch only to wake up in a completely bright room with the TV blaring in the middle of the night? Installing timers on the lights throughout your home can not only keep your electrical bills from skyrocketing due to bulbs burning all night, but can also be a nice signal that it’s time to head to bed so you can get in a solid 8 hours of sleep.

You can even program lights in your bedroom to turn on the same time as your alarm. And with a dimmer switch added, it can be like having your own personal sunrise welcoming you to the day!

Light The Way

Not all of the solutions that we offer at Arnold Electrical Services are high tech. Some of the most effective and life-changing ways we can improve your morning routine are actually quite simple.

For example, a simple motion-sensing light in your hallways, closet or bathroom can make a huge difference. Imagine a world where you never stub your toe or fumble for a light switch in the dark again!

Good Neighbors Deserve Good Mornings

No matter how you want to ease back into your morning routine, Arnold Electrical Services can assist. Our team of experts are always available to assess your home and offer solutions that may have never even occurred to you. And if you enroll in our Good Neighbor Club, you can have access to our free annual system check, including complimentary lightbulb replacement for as long as you’re an Arnold Electrical Services customer, all for a one-time fee of only $99!

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